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If you are looking for clear, innovative design concepts, I am your person.

My Quest: To develop ideas and transform them into smart and enticing design works, and to support your business as your personal creative partner.

A little bit about myself:


So Attar is a multi-functional creative business run by me, Sonja Attar. Traveling between two places I can call home has given me the opportunity to continually progress and  expand. If I'm not riding a bike down the Danube canal in Vienna, Austria I can be found in Sydney, Australia in a little cafe having poached eggs for breakfast.

I work across design, branding and media. To me, great design is practical and starts with breaking everything down to it's basic form and going from there. Unjustified chaos makes me feel unsettled. I'm very much into function and purpose as well as aesthetics and originality.


My clients vary in their needs and come from all different corners of the business and/or creative world. This kind of diversity is what keeps my job interesting and allows me to respond to each of my clients individually.



From design work to mixed media, brands and beyond,

if you have a project that I might be able to help you with

or an idea you’d like to discuss then I’d love to hear from you.

Currently located in Sydney.

Email me for an estimate or to set up a meeting at


For a quick estimate give me detailed information and I'll get back to you

within 24 hours.